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Fabulous DIY PINK Hoodie & Varsity Tees tutorial!

Victoria’s Secret Pink inspired this PINK DIY, DIY Pink Hoodie, DIY Pink Clothes, DIY t-shirt, DIY, Sweatshirt DIY. I would love to be a Victoria Secret Model and modeling VS Pink Sportswear would be amazing. This is my version of DIY Sportswear from my own PINK clothes … they are so cute and I can’t wait to wear them all 💕 I know the #shanfam can this to 1,000 likes so Thumbs up if you LOVE PINK 💕 Victoria Secret PINK clothes are fun to make. Spice up your old Victoria’s Secret clothes with my DIY Pink ideas!!! Comment the word PINK, and leave me your Snapchat if you want more of these DIY’s 😘

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If you made it this far… Answer and Comment this… I LOVE PINK!! 💖

I used iron on Vinyl Transfer paper that you can get a t most craft stores

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My Victoria’s Secret Pink Haul was so much fun and I hope my DIY PINK clothes and DIY Victoria’s Secret inspire you to enhance your own PINK DIY Clothes and t-shirts. I would love to model for Victoria’s Secret Sportswear line of clothing. Hope you enjoy making this DIY Pink Hoodie, DIY tshirts, DIY jacket and DIY Sweatshirt which are an easy way to spice up your Victoria’s Secret clothes and create DIY clothes! Love You All 💕

Best Friend DIY t-shirts

How to make DIY t-shirts that are easy to make with your BFF. You’ll be twinning with my DIY Clothes & DIY Disney shirt for you and your Best Friend. Everyone will love your cool DIY t-shirt | CLICK HERE to join the #shanfam http://bit.ly/1HhRgcv