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diy phone cases

DIY phone cases by Shannon jrzgirlz

If you love having lots of different phone cases to match your personality, the season or what you’re wearing, then this phone case DIY is perfect for you. Every DIY video I create comes from my own ideas. Nothing worse than watching the same video done by 10 different youtubers. These 3 cases are so unique and easy to create. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on my social media @jrzgirlz

I’ve linked the products I used in my video below the vid, in case you can’t find them or you can’t get to the craft store.

http://goo.gl/La9WXz – clear iPhone 4S case

http://goo.gl/JlsOS2 – clear iPhone 5 case

http://goo.gl/ZtVA4P – clear iPhone 6 case

http://goo.gl/u3qZdJ – clear Samsung galaxy S6 case

http://goo.gl/gsJjlN – clear LG 3gS case

http://a.chipp.us/r/jrzgirlz/7d88/ – mod podge

http://goo.gl/JGjXFv – embossing powder – primary colors

http://goo.gl/5SP7Ud – embossing powder – pastel colors

http://goo.gl/QAIjQ8 – White pigment ink pad

http://goo.gl/hYvvY3 – Yellow tint spray paint

http://goo.gl/hT1i9F – jewelry tattoos

diy sunglasses by jrzgirlz

DIY Sunglasses – tumblr inspired

I’ve recently been obsessed with Sunglasses. There are so many cute ones to buy… but they can be expensive. So… I decided to create some really quick and easy DIY sunglasses that are super cheap to recreate. Check my vid and be sure to tweet me if you make them. All of the supplies I used can be found in “my store” located on the right side of my home page :)  Be sure to check these Michaels coupon codes – http://goo.gl/zEjud0

Welcome to Shannon Estelle

Shannon jrzgirlz

Hey #ShanFam… so glad you found me :) Many of you know me from my youtube channel “Shannon Estelle”. I’m a girl who loves the beach. I enjoy making fashion, beauty, DIY, Room Decor and Lifestyle videos on my channel. I also have a passion of talking to girls about real every day issues that affect us!  GIRL TALK is one of my series of teen advice videos that relate to tween and teenager girls who are going through situations with friends, family, girls, boys, etc. Be sure to go over and Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my videos!! #shanfam

Also, my website is filled with all kinds of items and templates I have used in my DIY’s on my youtube channel Shannon Estelle aka jrzgirlz. I wanted to make it easy for you to find items for the projects you recreate. Be sure to tweet me your pics @shannonestelle_ I can’t wait to see your creations

Be sure to check the right hand side of the page for lots of cool craft supplies, like mod podge, glitter, transfer paper, tshirts and more!!!

DIY Palm Tree Pocket Tee and Shorts – Featured on Seventeen

So excited to have my Unique DIY Palm Tree Pocket Tee and Shorts featured on Seventeen’s channel. The templates for the DIY Palm Tree Video are also below, but you’ll want to size the larger one to 4″ and the smaller one to 3″

pocket tee template - jrzgirlz

DIY Tumblr Room Decor – Tumblr Inspired DIY Canvas Wall Art – jrzgirlz

For those of you who know me, then you know I love tumblr! My tumbler page is filled with beachy pics of palm trees, sunset, the ocean and so much more. I have wanted to reproduce these photos for my wall and finally got around to doing so. I’ve made is really easy to recreate tumblr pics and turn them into Wall Art using artist’s canvas

Click Here to buy Artist Canvas

Click Here to buy Transfer Paper

DIY Back to School Supplies 2014 – DIY Book Covers & Notebooks

UGHHHHHH… It’s that time of the year that we have to start getting ready for Back to School. What better way to do so, then with some really cute DIY’s from jrzgirlz. I have so much fun coming up with cute and creative ideas for you to recreate. Have fun and be sure to tweet and instagram me your pics @jrzgirlz

ANNOUNCEMENT – I’m on the Rundown

Hey Everyone…  I am so excited to tell all of you that I have co-hosted The Rundown – If you haven’t checked out their channel or subscribed yet, this is the time to do it.  They have so many fun and entertaining videos of everything that really matters on their channel.  So go and SUBSCRIBE to them… don’t wait another minute….  or you’ll miss something really good  – Luv you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Holiday Greeting Cards | Christmas Cards Craft

Try making these unique holiday greeting cards created by Shannon of jrzgirlz. These Christmas Cards are easy to make and you most of the supplies can be found around your house or at your local craft store. Have fun creating these greeting cards for your friends and family – Be sure to subscribe for more fun !!!