diy phone cases

DIY phone cases by Shannon jrzgirlz

If you love having lots of different phone cases to match your personality, the season or what you’re wearing, then this phone case DIY is perfect for you. Every DIY video I create comes from my own ideas. Nothing worse than watching the same video done by 10 different youtubers. These 3 cases are so unique and easy to create. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on my social media @jrzgirlz

I’ve linked the products I used in my video below the vid, in case you can’t find them or you can’t get to the craft store. – clear iPhone 4S case – clear iPhone 5 case – clear iPhone 6 case – clear Samsung galaxy S6 case – clear LG 3gS case – mod podge – embossing powder – primary colors – embossing powder – pastel colors – White pigment ink pad – Yellow tint spray paint – jewelry tattoos