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SLEEPOVER HACKS!! What to Bring to a Sleepover!!

Meet my friend Tiffany! She has some great Sleepover Hacks and see What to Bring to a Sleepover!! Going to a Slumber Party?! and wonder what to pack for a sleepover with your besties? Here are some sleepover ideas!! Thumbs up if you love Sleepovers!! 👍 💕

Best Friend DIY t-shirts

How to make DIY t-shirts that are easy to make with your BFF. You’ll be twinning with my DIY Clothes & DIY Disney shirt for you and your Best Friend. Everyone will love your cool DIY t-shirt | CLICK HERE to join the #shanfam

Back To School Series with Shannon Estelle

If you’re looking for some really cool back to school ideas for 2016, then check out all of my Youtube videos where I’ll teach you how to make DIY Back to School Supplies, DIY Backpacks, DIY Clothes for Back to School and there are also some really cool Back to School Giveaways on my channel.  Love You All… Shannon #shanfam 😘

ADVICE for Teens | High School Advice | Teen Advice | Shannon Estelle

Advice for Girls – High School Advice for Teens and My teen advice on How to be the new kid at school? Here is my teenage advice for girls when Moving to a New High School or moving to a new Middle School! Have have you ever been in a class and a new Student walks in? This vid looks at both sides of being the new kid and Advice for Teenagers how to handle this situation. Sometimes moving to a new school is a good experience and sometimes it’s a difficult experience. Let me know what experiences you have had when it comes to being the new kid or moving schools! Thumbs up this vid for more advice! 👍👍👍

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