20K Treasure Hunt Contest – Giveaway and Treasure Map

Pirate_Arrr_MateySo you’ve decided to enter my 20K Treasure Hunt Contest… That’s Awesome!!! This is going to be so much fun! Everyone loves a really cool Treasure Hunt. Let’s get started and see who can make the most creative Treasure Map using my clues!

The 10 most creative treasure maps will win my treasure trove of prizes listed below:

1st place winner –
fuji film camera
package of film
tribal sunglasses
water bottle
beach bag
jrzgirlz t-shirt

2nd place winner –
lokai bracelet
tribal sunglasses
water bottle
beach bag
jrzgirlz t-shirt

3rd place winner –
tribal sunglasses
water bottle
beach bag
jrzgirlz t-shirt

4th -10th winners will each receive a jrzgirlz t-shirt


Here are the Rules: subscribe to both of my channels and follow me twitter and instagram @jrzgirlz

You must be subscribed to my main channel – http://youtube.com/jrzgirlz
You must be subscribed to my 2nd channel   – http://youtube.com/jrzgirlzfilms
Follow me on Twitter                                        –  http://twitter.com/jrzgirlz
Follow me on Instagram                                   –  http://instagram.com/jrzgirlz

(any fake accounts will be disqualified)
If you are under 18, you must have your parents permission to enter.

Once you are finished creating your Treasure Map…
A – tag me @jrzgirlz and tweet your map using #20ktreasurehuntwithShannon
B – tag me @jrzgirlz and upload your map to instagram #20ktreasurehuntwithShannon

At the very bottom of this page is the map you’re going to need to start with. Download or copy and paste it to your computer.

Follow the clues on this page and locate all of the items on the internet. Place them on to your map to unlock and win my treasure. (you can use screen shots or pics from the internet – See my sample map) Be creative and personalize the map with your own style!

If you don’t know how to get the images from the internet and add them to your map, you can print the treasure map from your printer and you can draw the items, use stickers, paint, glitter or whatever you like to complete the answers to the clues on your map, then take a pic on your phone and share it on your social media as outlined above in the Rules :)




(**don’t use this map, it’s just a sample… use the blank map at the bottom of this page)



Here are your clues: – Add a pic of each to your treasure map (see sample map above). Personalize your map with your personal style and show me how creative you can be!!!

CLUE #1 – Find my Marshmallow on my “Summer Night Routine 2015″ video
CLUE #2 – What are RayBan’s?
CLUE #3 – What kind of sandals do you wear to the beach?
CLUE #4 – What kind of dessert do you eat in a cone?
CLUE #5 –  What helps keep you from burning in the sun?
CLUE #6 – Find my DIY Beach Bag on 17’s channel
CLUE #7 – What kind of trees have coconuts?
CLUE #8 – Which website do you watch my videos on?
CLUE #9 – What Country are you from?
CLUE #10 – Be even more creative and use the aqua blue borders to write me a message!!!  Here’s an example – Hi Shannon, I’m Nicole and I love your channel 💜

*If you are located outside of the USA and are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize winner, you will receive an amazon gift card via email in lieu of the tangible items.  4th-10th prizes are for USA only.

Contest Ends June 30, 2015 – Winners will be announced after all maps have been reviewed on twitter and instagram

Email me with any questions:  20ktreasurehuntwithshannon@jrzgirlz.com

COPY AND PASTE OR DOWNLOAD MY TREASURE MAP BELOW and start getting creative! Good Luck to Everyone 💜💜💜




2 thoughts on “20K Treasure Hunt Contest – Giveaway and Treasure Map

  1. Talitha Brownson

    I really hope that my creativity skills kick in for this AMAZING give-a-way! Thanks for being a highlight of my youtube and making a giveaway


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